To get Outlaw Island Token in Lost Ark Lost Ark Gold is pretty much the same to getting Token at other Islands. On this Island also you have to open the chests a few times to get the island Token.

This is a very small Island so the chance of obtaining this Island Token early on is quite rare.

When you're on the island you are advised to be quick and try to get to the Island alone when no other players are making their way towards it. This is because the island is small and you're bound be struck by AoE of attacks from other players.

It is the only Mokoko seed you can find within this Island. Finding the Mokoko Seed is among the easiest tasks you've completed in Lost Ark.

You just need to get there at just the Edge of Lost Ark Gold for sale the Island which is a bit larger that the rest of its corners, and you'll find the Mokoko Seed there. If you fail to arrive at the exact location on the initially, you will be able to check all sides of the Island within minutes due to its small dimensions.