Not long after the Diablo 4 Open Beta, the players’ response to Diablo 4 was excellent. At the same time, Blizzard made major changes to Diablo 4 after this test.

First of all, the official has shortened the shelf life of the character, so that players do not have to spend all their energy on polishing a character, so as to encourage players to participate in various seasonal content.

Moreover, in response to the concept of ‘the game has just begun after the player reaches the upper limit of the game level’, the official has also reduced the difficulty of leveling up the player, and reduced the gold coins required for leveling up the player. But if some players are still likely to be stuck in the game level improvement, I believe Buy Diablo 4 Gold will give players a huge help.

Blizzard has also made various changes to various classes, the first being Barbarian. As a type of melee class, it is necessary to weaken its fixed damage. Correspondingly, it has also made corresponding compensation for its damage reduction. Generally speaking, it is an adjustment. For Rogue and Druid, it is a near-comprehensive enhancement. After all, their performance in Open Beta was not satisfactory.

Isn’t the player’s love for Corpse Explosion a little crazy? As expected, Necromancer has been weakened, and the value of Corpse Explosion has been greatly weakened. There is no doubt that this will be a painful blow to players who are keen on Necromancer, but don’t be discouraged, Diablo 4 Gold can give you compensation for numerical weakening, so that you can use Necromancer as a class even if you are weakened Play as you like.

There are also many occupations that have undergone a series of enhancements or weakenings. If players want to know the current situation of occupations not mentioned above, they may wish to go to IGGM to obtain the first information.