As a classic ARPG, the popularity of Diablo 4 released in 1997 and Path of Exile released in 2013 must be extremely high. Now, the two giants will usher in a big collision this year.
Not long ago, GGG launched a new Path of Exile Crucible League on PC on April 7th. This update will bring players a different gaming experience. In this challenge league, items will have their own unique skill trees that can be upgraded after passing challenging encounters. Additionally, players can combine the two weapon skill trees in Titan's Forge after upgrading their weapons to the pinnacle.

Of course, these challenging encounters did not come easily. At this time, I believe that some POE Chaos Orb will help you better improve yourself. And Grinding Gears Games kicked off the Crucible League this time with a Boss Kill event.

Additionally, in update 3.21, Breach and Abyss have been improved, reducing mechanical clutter and improving gameplay for a smoother experience. On this basis, the passive tree and mastery rework have also undergone substantial changes. Now there are many interesting constructions waiting for players to discover and develop. Players who are not very familiar with the new alliance can go to for the latest news .

As a new challenge league, POE 3.21 Update has indeed undergone tremendous changes, so as an old RPG that has been on sale for more than 20 years, where will Diablo 4 go?

Since the public beta of Diablo 4 in late March, the popularity of Diablo 4 seems to have entered a state of madness. Diablo 4 had the most participation of all betas in the history of a Diablo game. Players have spent more than 61 million hours in this beta. Shocked. In other statistics released by Blizzard, we can see that more than 2.6 million players have unlocked "wolves", which means that 2.6 million players have reached level 20. Of the five classes in the Diablo 4 beta, the most popular are the Sorcerer and the Necromancer, as these two classes have more powerful ranged basic attack options than the others. This allows them to deal high damage without an early gear base and skill synergy. But if you want to choose another profession and worry that it will be difficult to survive without basic equipment in the early stage, don't worry, Diablo 4 Gold will solve this trouble for you very well. Moreover, if you want to keep abreast of the various changes of D 4 before the release, the famous game company IGGM is also a good channel

Today's PoE Crucible League is very interesting, and the replayability is very high. I believe that Diablo 4, which will be released on June 6, will not let us down!