Season of the Guardian will be released on March 12th. This season update will have many changes and new game experiences. The details are as follows.

Game experience optimization

Controller support is coming to the new world!

Players can choose from two preset controller layouts, making the game experience more immersive. And in order to optimize the game for better play with a controller some new features and settings are necessary:

Aim Assist: Helps aim long-range attacks. (Controller only, AI only)

Target Friction: Reticle speed is slower when rolling on active targets (Controller only)

Enemy Target Lock: Allows you to lock the camera on an enemy (AI only) and switch between multiple targets by moving the right stick.

Free Movement: Allows running in all directions, remaining blocked or activating the target lock will revert to normal strafing navigation. (Controller is on by default, mouse and keyboard are off by default)

Use camera direction for melee attacks: If this option is turned off, melee attacks are allowed and blocked in the direction your input/character is facing instead of the direction the camera is facing. (Controller is off by default, mouse and keyboard are on by default)

Combat modes such as PvP are optimized to make combat smoother.

Gameplay update

Winter Rune Forge, new artifacts, new journey tasks, etc. are all waiting for players to explore

New Seasonal Trial: Winter Runeforge

Join up to 10 max-level players and take on tough challenges. This seasonal trial requires teamwork and taking down ancient ice guardians for unique rewards.

New Artifacts

Get 8 new artifacts with unique play styles and brilliant performance that will be an enormous help in improving your abilities.

Sin - Hatchet/Venom - Spear/Tempest Fury - Great Axe/ Nature’s Wrath - Medium Chestwear/Gilli’s Gravity Gauntlets - Heavy Glove/Ironheart - Heavy Legwear/Creed Boots - Light Footwear/Phoenix - Amulet

It is obvious that powerful artifacts will bring us powerful combat power, but artifacts are not necessary. New World Coins, the universal currency of the game, are our foundation. If you want to get a large amount of coins quickly, IGGM is a good platform for you to get a sufficient amount of coins. And the discount code “WATER” will provide you with a 5% (OFF). I believe this can help you more.

Culinary trade skill changes

Expect ingredient changes, cooking process improvements, recipe adjustments etc., to be certain changes in this update. Details can be found in the game, or visit, which has the latest content about New World Season 5. Consultation, any questions you have can be answered here.

Seasonal Events

Rabbit’s Revenge and Springtide Bloom are coming. Stay alert, complete tasks well and get corresponding rewards.

The above is the main update content of Season of the Guardian. Thank you for your reading and support. See you at Aeternum.