Many Diablo players must be looking forward to Diablo 4 Season 3. Not long ago, the official finally announced the name, theme and all new content of Season 3.

The third season of Diablo 4 is called Season of the Construct. Like the vampire powers obtained in the second season, in the third season, we can also obtain powerful skills after completing the seasonal quest line. But unlike Season of Blood, this season we will get a spider companion named “Seneschal” in the game, and players can build a customized general manager according to their own ideas. Using unique magic stone items and combining them to adjust its attack methods, giving it lightning or barrier protection is a good choice.

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The so-called magic stone items are items dropped in Season 3 and can be dropped in “Arcane Tremor” in the open world and in the seasonal dungeon called “The Vault”. Players can equip Seneschal with gems to obtain corresponding skills. Since there are 12 “governing” stones and 27 “tuning” stones of varying rarity, players can build a “Seneschal” that suits their own play style and enjoy your Diablo journey.

Don’t worry about your Seneschal being upgraded to the point of being useless. It will change with the character’s power, so players can upgrade their Seneschal to their heart’s content.

Season 3 will kick off in the sand dunes of Kejistan, where players will battle demons. We discover an artifact called the Loom created by returning character Zoltun Kulle, which has been corrupted by the demon Malphas. All we need to do is fight Malphas, the new boss of this season. After all, the treasury will be the main source of loot this season. Players will eventually receive rewards after completing challenges and avoiding various traps.

Season of the Construct also brings some quality of life changes. Most notable is WASD key control support, which allows for more direct control of characters on PC, making this trap-laden season that much easier.

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